The stress of shopping at Aldi

Have you mastered the packing process?

I think it’s safe to say, among the majority of my friends anyway, that Aldi is pretty much amazing.

It’s heaps cheaper that any of the other supermarkets, they don’t use plastic bags, and you can buy some pretty awesome and high-quality stuff from the middle isle….even if it’s something you don’t necessarily need.

But there is one thing about Aldi I am yet to master…packing my bags at the checkout!

It is a very high level, stressful experience where my anxiety levels are at their peak until I am successfully back in my car. And for anyone who says otherwise, you’re either lying or please for the love of God tell me your secret?

The checkout person moves way too quickly compared to how quickly I can pack my bags. And for someone who used to pack groceries for a living as a teenager, I fear other people stand zero chance.

With very limited space I often just end up throwing my groceries in a frantic state into my bag and pray that all the eggs survive the trauma.

I often forget to pack my own bags, so my Aldi bag collection is slowly out growing my dedicated reusable bag cupboard in the kitchen and is becoming a low-key epidemic.

But these Aldi bags are honestly just not at all practical, we need bags with a flat bottom that can stand tall on their own allowing us to use both hands for the packing process!

I thought by the end of this article I might end with a wise solution to help reduce your Aldi packing stress, but to be honest I don’t have one as of yet. So, if you do, please share with me your wisdom!


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