Over thinking unnecessary things

It is very easy to over think something. Like over thinking the answers you said during a job interview or over thinking the outfit you’re going to wear out for dinner.

But then you have the really unnecessary things.

And it wasn’t until I caught myself overthinking something so ridiculous recently that it made me [over] think if I was the only one to over think these very trivial things in everyday life, and how many other ridiculous things do I over think about. Sadly, there’s few. And I hope after you read this I am not the only one.

Wind screen wipers
Does anyone compare their wind screen wiper speed to other drivers on the road when it’s raining? If mine are going faster than other people’s I fear I am being way too dramatic and I need to calm down.

Buying toilet paper
I totally understand this a necessity of life and everyone uses toilet paper. That still doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable about buying it, and I try wherever possible to buy it with multiple other items and not just on its own.

 If people can hear what I’m listening to on my head phones
I swear I triple check, taking out my headphones multiple times as I start a walk to ensure my headphones are working and my phone isn’t on loud.

Having no phone when waiting for your coffee order
I know this is beyond sad, but we have become so reliant on our phones. When waiting for coffee I honestly don’t what to do with myself if I have forgotten my phone. Do I make awkward eye contact with people walking past? Do I stare down the barista as they make my coffee? Do I pretend I’m fixing a nail? It’s just awkward, what did people do before phones? Actually socialise?

 Forgetting to pluck your eye brows
I could be out living my life with not a care in the world, but the moment I remember I haven’t plucked or waxed my eyebrows I can instantly feel them growing on my face!



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