Feeling Fresh

So here’s the thing, cooking is stressful and I don’t particularly love it. Why?

  • I only need to cook for myself and yet I end up cooking for the entire Olympic swimming team
  • I become impatient and don’t end up reading the recipe instructions properly
  • I have zero creativity when it comes to cooking and so I end up eating the same few meals on repeat (for those that know me they would be very familiar with my salmon pasta)
  • I never feel like the left overs the next day and I end up wasting a lot of food
  • My grocery shopping has two extremes: I’m starving and leave with too much food and not much of it healthy, or I’m really good and buy lots of healthy food and then give into cravings later on at home and order pizza
  • I don’t plan and so I end up spending a lot more on food and groceries then I should

So, it was time for a new game plan. I had watched my housemate get Hello Fresh delivered in the past and when my friend sent me code to get my first box free I decided to give it a go.

I know this is how they get you in, but I now legit love it and have continued getting it every second week. Every second because I get that buying your own groceries is cheaper but the convenience of Hello Fresh often outweighs that for me.

Groceries delivered to your door. Easy recipes to follow. No wasted food. Taste delicious. And you don’t feel like your cheating by getting pre-made meals. My new best friend.


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