It has recently come to my attention that I cannot run

I am not one of those people that say they don’t exercise and eat bad food but then you see them and they’re super toned and fit….like seriously just admit you exercise!!

No, I am in fact not super toned and fit, and my diet could be better. Which I am learning is not ideal the older I get…laying on the lounge and eating pizza is no longer a friend to my body.

I’m not over weight by any means, although RIP to last season’s jeans that mysteriously don’t fit anymore (I blame the dryer that I don’t own), my overall fitness definitely has room for improvement.

I mean I think I should at least get points for trying. I try to walk most days (when I can be bothered to get out of bed before work), I have started doing my own 20-minute Pilate work outs at home (and not a second longer), and I even joined a netball team this year (I’m always GS so I don’t do a huge amount of running).

BUT STILL, I’m sure this is a whole lot better than most!

I have even ran the Newy Park Run once without stopping, so I assumed I could run. I knew I couldn’t run well, but I could run. I knew I wouldn’t be scouted to run professionally, but I could run. I knew I wouldn’t ever be a sprinter, but I could run.

Right? RIGHT?

Wrong. Apparently.

I in fact cannot run. As in my body does not look how other people look when they run.

I admit I was confused. I could feel myself actively doing the running motions. But it turns out that from an outsider’s perspective I look like I am doing an awkward attempt at racewalking, my feet don’t seem to actually leave the ground.

Cheers to family for always telling you how it is!

I suppose practice makes perfect, but at 26 if I haven’t got the basic running movements down I fear there is no hope for me. Who even likes cardio anyway?


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