Coffee, Food, & Drinks in Newcastle

Where should I go for coffee this morning?

I am going out for dinner on Saturday where do you recommend?

Let’s go for afternoon drinks, you pick, you know where to go!


As a writer for the website, HUNTERhunter, I am often asked questions like this all the time. And tbh I find myself quickly scrolling through the website to refresh my memory before replying.

Despite my job literally being to write about new cafes and restaurants in Newcastle I am sure there are many other people that know what’s good more than I do.

In any case, I have put together a little list of places I’m currently loving right now:


Newcastle Kiosk
As my local, it is hard to go past a coffee from here. Not only is the coffee good, but the beach views don’t get any better than this.

Recently opened on Beaumont Street this has become my go to for all work meetings. I am yet to try the food, but I hear its pretty good as well.

With only a few sweets and snacks available, coffee is the real hero, you are literally stepping into their factory.


Hands down the best Mexican in Newcastle and now located in a brand-new venue this is one you have to check out!

The Greek Taverna
This is isn’t exactly your fancy, modern and Insta-worthy restaurant, but it is often these unsuspecting places that have the best food. The Greek Taverna offers delicious authentic Greek cuisine!

Asa Don
Affordable Japanese food, perfect for getting a group together and sharing a few of the menu items. Plus, it’s BYO, which is always a bonus!


An awesome hidden cocktail bar off Hunter Street, the guys at koutetsu certainly know their stuff when it comes to cocktails and you get popcorn complementary. It’s a win all round!

This small bar in the East End has a great list of cocktails and some delicious tapas food to enjoy as well! Always one of my go-to places.

Merewether Surfhouse
Considering Newcastle is a coastal town with some incredible beaches, there aren’t many venues that really utilise these views. The Surfhouse is one that does, and is always a favourite that never disappoints regardless of the weather.


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Food, & Drinks in Newcastle

  1. Is there a list of coffee shops that will serve you after 9pm? Goldberg’s seem to be the only place in Newcastle that don’t clean their coffee machine at 8.55pm!


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