So I guess finances and career stuff is kind of a big deal at my age

So I haven’t written on here in a while…mostly because I haven’t really had anything exciting to blog about and also because a lot of my time has been taken up writing for HUNTERhunter which I have been loving so go check out the website when you get a chance!

But this morning I had coffee with my two best friends, anyone that knows me even a little would know exactly who they are! We have been friends since primary school and it got me thinking about how different our conversations have changed over the years.

Primary school was all about which boy we were crushing on, deciding on the best plan to ask our parents to hang out and which game we were going to play that day.

The high school conversation evolved into fashion (we ended up wearing the same clothes quite often), the best ways to sneak some alcohol (such rebels I know haha), and feeling super independent planning out the weekend because we were allowed to catch the bus into town on our own!

After school became all about travel and talking about the most exciting and drama-filled moments from the previous night out.

There was obviously a lot more to all these conversations, you usually can’t shut us up when the three of us are together, but I won’t bore you with all personal details ha!

And while today some of those conversations still happen (usually in the form of a meme), we now find ourselves talking about finances and careers and like…. adult stuff! When did this happen?

I think it has only taken me until this year (26 eek!) to realise…holy shit I’m an adult! It was honestly the first birthday when I told people my age that they didn’t respond with “OMG you are so young” or “you have your whole life ahead of you to worry about settling down, just have fun”. Instead, I got looks of “oh really?” or “wow almost 30”. Um no I’m not! Right?

So I guess finances and career stuff is kind of a big deal at my age. And I am certainly starting to realise that, especially when I catch myself getting excited that the mandarins are on sale or that staying in with a glass of wine and going to bed early is goals!

But I still also get excited about cheap cocktails, going out for dinner with mum and dad because they pay (oh and their company of course!) and talking about our last night out (hangovers not so great these days). So really, when does anyone actually become an adult??


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