What Twitter has told me today…

The wonderful world of Twitter is, I admit, a social media platform I often forget about. But it can be a great informative tool, and, as I recently learnt at a digital marketing talk with The Collective Hub, a great way to network with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. I follow a pretty wide range of people on twitter, and this afternoon while aimlessly scrolling, here are a few random things Twitter has told me…

  1. *No one was injured:
  2. How do you make this mistake?
  3. This will most probably not be shown on mainstream media (or only mentioned briefly)…
  4. I have no intention of clicking the link to watch.
  5. Being lazy is a good thing, excellent!
  6. “It is Memorial Day in America”- every American I follow on Twitter 
  7. Tiger Woods is not helping himself in trying to rebuild his reputation back.
  8. Schapelle Corby led the media on a wild goose chase.
  9. This story is so sad.
  10. So if I eat an orange will it also motivate me to workout?

You’re Welcome :)


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