It’s the memories that a place holds that keeps it close to your heart.

I remember making sand cakes and selling them on my boogey board. I remember directing, choreographing and starring in the annual concerts performed in the kitchen. I remember walking up to the RSL for dinner and begging mum and dad to go on the rides on our way home. I remember walking up the street and buying ice cream. I remember going on dolphin watch cruises. I remember walking up Tomaree. I remember stripping off my swimmers on the balcony and making a run for it to the bath. I remember paddling in the blow up boat. I remember early morning swims before breakfast. I remember hot chip sandwiches. I remember getting in trouble for talking too loud when everyone was trying to sleep. I remember when the Easter Bunny used to visit. I remember going on the toboggan. I remember riding the donut on the back of the boat. I remember playing endless games of Rummy. I remember racing out to the buoy. I remember sitting on the balcony and judging people as they parked their car. I remember spying on people through the binoculars. I remember fireworks on New Years Eve. I remember climbing rocks at the end of the beach. I remember riding my bike. I remember when the entire family was able to fit in the apartment overnight.


I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to some amazing parts of the world, and there are still so many more places left to explore.


But Nelson Bay will always be my favourite place. Not only for how beautiful it is but also for all the memories I have here and for all the memories I continue to make.

img_20161129_0001 img_20161129_0002 img_20161129_0003 img_20161129_0005 img_20161129_0007



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