These are a few of my favourite things…

These are a few things I am currently obsessing about….this week>>>

1. This book:


Having not yet seen the movie, I really wanted to start reading the book. And what a perfect time to start, whilst on a train, travelling down to Sydney! I am totally hooked and haven’t been able to put this thriller down…I just want to know what happens!!!

2. These swimmers:


Top: The Iconic

Bottoms: ASOS

Yes, swimming season is finally here! This year I couldn’t resist a classic black triangle bikini. You really can’t go wrong with it… and also I can’t really afford any other fancy ones : (

3. This breaky combo:


OK so this has been my go-to breakfast  for the past few months now, but I am still obsessed. Coles has a great section where you can help yourself to each individual product.

4. This coffee:


The warmer weather means I go from my daily flat white coffee to an iced latte instead.

5. This MAC product:

MAC cosmetics

I recently had my makeup done at MAC for my Uni ball, and walked away with this amazing product. My eye brows are so hard to manage and this brow set ensures they stay in place without any curly hairs going astray hehe!


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