When you are younger you spend a lot of your childhood wishing you were already “grown up”. 18 cannot come quick enough so you can have the freedom to do what ever you want. However, although you may be legally an adult by 18, it is often the little moments you have in the years that follow (or for some it may even happen before 18) that make you realise “being an adult is not all that great”.

For me so far adulting means:

  1. Health care

My most recent experience is turning 25 and no longer being covered by my parent’s health care. Adulting means actually having to organise this myself and worse… Paying for it!

  1. Paying bills

My first experience of renting and paying bills was when I was 19. I had just moved overseas, I was on an adventure and had become independent from my parents for the first time. While paying the bills is never a fun experience it was also a little exciting because I had never done it before so I felt very grown up. Now, unfortunately I do not see it the same way. Now, it has become the most dreaded time of the month. Yes, even worse than that other “time of the month” for us girls because at least there is a pill where we can skip it!

  1. Calling to make appointments

This will never get easier. I remember when my Mum would first start making me call up for the doctors or hairdressers. I would literally beg “MUM PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME” like it was some horrific and inhuman torturous punishment. Unfortunately, I still hate doing it but I have come to accept that this is part of being an adult, and also because I don’t live with my parents any more so I kind of don’t have a choice.

  1. Feeding yourself a balanced diet                                                                                 

You are no longer a kid anymore where you can come home and there is a kitchen magically full of food and a healthy cooked meal on the table each night. And slowly are going the days where your body could get away with eating all the cheap bad food. Adulting now means being a responsible human and feeding yourself from all the essential food groups.

  1. Waking up WITHOUT a hangover

This is what we call an adult win! It is becoming more rare as I get older. Waking up fresh and contributing successfully to society after drinking the night before has become life goals and is often the reason I may opt to not even drink at all that night… but who are we kidding I’m not really that responsible just yet.

  1. Bed time

Growing up I would spend so much of my energy arguing with my parents about my bedtime and wanting to stay up later. When I knew it was my bedtime I would sit there in silence, I would even try not to breath hoping that they would forget I was there. Now, the earlier I can manage to go to bed the happier I am!

So basically, as a 25 year old, adulting is all about survival in which we all seem to be figuring out as we get older- eating properly, trying to get in enough hours of sleep, paying bills and health insurance, and all while trying to avoid that dreaded hangover.


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