Officially a Graduate!

Yep it is official, I now have a piece of paper claiming that I am qualified in Journalism and Public Relations. Whether or not I actually am in practice is a completely different story.

Either way, rather than receiving my piece of paper in the mail it is kind of nice to actually attend the ceremony. It makes it feel more official, more important and accomplished.

As people congratulate you, your standing there like “Hell yes I  just successfully completed 3.5 years of study, high five to me!”

It may have involved a ridiculous amount of procrastination, last minute cramming, assignments that scraped through on 50%, extension requests, boycotting lectures, going home after failing to find a park, scheduling my timetable so I could sleep in but also get it over with in only one day of the week, endless amounts coffee, and in my case 2months off in the middle of a semester with glandular fever. Seriously, looking back on all that who wouldn’t give me a job??

Being a Uni student certainly has it’s perks:

  • Holidays, obviously.
  • There is no pressure, when people ask what you are doing with your life you can just answer with study and that’s it.
  • It is acceptable to be broke because you are still a student
  • While others complain about it being a ‘Monday’ it doesn’t affect you because you made sure not to schedule a tutorial for that day.
  • All big life decisions are put on hold for three years until you finish your degree.
  • You get student discounts on stuff.

Yep, the student life wasn’t all bad.

In a speech by one of the graduates last night, she pointed out how everyone now asks her, so now what are you going to do? Or, how does that relate to your degree? Oh, how I can relate!

Right now I would like to write for an online publication like Mamamia or Popsugar. However, my degree is so broad I might be doing a few different types of jobs before I get there or as I enter the work force I might find that I like something different all together. With technology forever changing, the media is an exciting industry where I can’t say for sure where I will end up.

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