Meet the Aussie who is challenging the modeling industry.

At a height of only 5’6”, Aussie model Mimi Elashiry is proving just how much of an impact social media is having on the modeling industry.

Elashiry is now based in LA, and with an Instagram following of over 800, 000 people she has been successfully defying the traditional norms of modeling.

After being rejected by four of the top agencies in Australia her height was becoming an obvious obstacle.

Australia’s Next Top Model judge, Alex Perry, has previously stated that auditions for the show need to “get the height restrictions right, we don’t want any short people”.

The modeling industry has always selected a very specific type of person that they deem model worthy, and Elashiry’s height does not fit into that criteria. Despite her gorgeous and undeniable photogenic features, in the modeling world you have to be ‘perfect’ in every aspect and a good selfie just won’t cut it.

Elashiry eventually turned to Platform Me, a social media agency who claims that their mission is to “exist to connect social media talent with the best brands”. This new direction led to her first milestone victory moment when she walked for David Jones at Vogue’s Fashion Night in 2014.

Since then she has now signed with one of the top modeling agencies in the world, NEXT Management. Her hippy, bohemian style portrays a very candid and relaxed social media profile that a lot of young girls look up to.

Elashiry’s latest triumph is her collaboration with Sass & Bide’s Spring/Summer 2016 campaign where she has been able to incorporate her strong passion for dancing into the shoot. “A little dream came true and like a kid in a candy store I danced around in Sass & Bide”.

Image via
Image via

This most recent achievement of hers proves that social media is changing the game of modeling and allowing us shorty’s a chance to make it in this industry. Not that I could ever be a model, but it’s nice to know that if I did ever decide to venture down that path my height wouldn’t be the thing that stops me!

Instagram has become a crucial platform that allows models to create their own branding image, connect to the public and establish an online portfolio for potential future jobs. In the age of social media, as long as you have a strong following on Instagram, you are in for a chance of being scouted by brands and companies to help represent them online.

Models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been referred to as this generations “Insta it-girls”, with a combined following of over 85 million people. Although I am sure they would have successful careers as models despite social media, it is hard to deny the overpowering impact Instagram has on brands when they are selecting an ambassador to represent them.

Mimi Elashiry’s social media following only seems to be increasing, and now making a name for herself in the mainstream media, I can’t wait to see the next step she will take in career. Despite her struggles in the beginning, the modeling industry now seems to be embracing Elashiry and celebrating what makes her unique (or at the very least acknowledging how strong her social media influence has become).

Either way, her Instagram following is now enough in itself for brands to pay her for sponsorship and advertisement and consequently live the dream life of travel, amazing clothes and taking pretty pictures…. Damn her!


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