Why do people continue to debate why the Kardashian’s are famous?

“Why are they even famous?”

“They don’t even do anything.”

“They are famous for doing nothing.”

“What is a Kardashian?”

These are some common phrases I hear repeatedly when the topic of the Kardashian’s come up. The reality stars have certainly had their fair share of criticism and backlash over the years, but after nine straight years of their reality show on the air it does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

Why? Because we demand it and we continue to generate the conversation about them. As a Kardashian fan I am totally OK with this, but why do people who dislike them continue to obsess over them and question what they do in life when they supposedly don’t care?

Image via sugarscape.com
Image via sugarscape.com

There have been many people over the years that have had their “15 minutes of fame”. However, Kim Kardashian has been able to maintain that for almost 10 years, so she must be doing something right. While not everyone wishes for a life in the spotlight, Kim Kardashian has always been open about the fact she has always wanted to be famous.

Image via sugarscape.com
Image via sugarscape.com

Regardless, the current celebrity culture is definitely an intriguing topic in which Kim Kardashian appears to be its definition thanks to the generation of social media. Thanks to apps such as Instagram and Snap chat we have access to celebrities and their lives 24 hours a day.

23-year-old identical twins, Allie and Lexi Kaplan, are artists based in LA who have recently made a name for themselves with their provocative artworks.

Image via in.pinterest.com
Image via in.pinterest.com

The Kaplan twins openly admit that they are obsessed with the celebrity culture and work towards combining this with art. “Our work is a commentary on celebrity exploitation and its role in fame, mass media’s reconstruction of reality through manipulation, shock, and spectacle, the seduction of abjection, and the concept of self.”

The Kaplan twin’s recent artwork collection was titled “Make Me Famous” which included painted stills from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. While poking fun at the way celebrities sexualise themselves for fame and the manipulation of the media, these twins are using it themselves to gain fame and status in the celebrity world.

Basically their overall message is to showcase the taboo aspects of the modern day celebrity culture, to not take it so seriously and to embrace it for of it is.

Image via quotesgram.com
Image via quotesgram.com






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