MBFWA 2016

The last week has been a bit of whirlwind – travelling to and from Sydney for fashion week, going to Uni and working!

I’m currently a social media and editorial contributor for Mirodoor, and having volunteered with them previously at fashion week, I was so excited to attend again this year with a new role.

Having no idea what to expect (or wear!!), I turned up for my first day on Tuesday, received my media pass for the week, met the rest of the Mirodoor team and watched my first show- By Johnny.

The entire week was incredible and an amazing opportunity to gain some industry insights into fashion, public relations, events and journalism.

Bec and Bridge would have to be my favourite runway show of the week- I loved their inspiration and vibes channeled from their trip to India, and celebrity spotting is always a highlight.

Meeting some incredible and successful bloggers, including my favourite blogger Margaret Zhang, has inspired me to write on my own blog more often. And although some-what depressing, given that they are all super stylish and a lot of them younger than I am, it has encouraged me to work harder for what I want in my career (whatever that turns out to be exactly).

Knowing that what I was doing while I was there, Instagramming and writing articles about the shows, people were there doing the same thing and actually getting paid for it! Definitely #lifegoals.

And although being the broke Uni student I am meant making my way to the local pub for their $10 lunch special, I was able to take advantage of the free champagne and canapés, making me feel a little bit important and sophisticated during the week ;)

IMG_5564 By Johnny
Bec & Bridge
Bec & Bridge
C/meo Collective
C/meo Collective
C/meo Collective
We Are Kindred
We Are Kindred
We Are Kindred
Emma Mulholland
House of Cannon

IMG_5800 IMG_5803

Oscar De La Renta

Click here and here to check my article pieces I wrote for Mirodoor :)

Until next year!



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