The beginning of semester…

Another Uni semester has begun. But not just any semester…. my final one EVER!! To say I am excited to finish Uni would be a massive understatement! I hate studying. Yes, I like my degree, and I don’t absolutely hate Uni, but for me studying is a huge struggle, which I really have to force myself to do.

With the beginning of the semester now underway, I have come to realise a few things that usually occur during this time >>>

My coffee intake doubles

My time on Facebook increases dramatically

I am suddenly inspired to write more on my blog

I go on more walks

I start watching, and get hooked on a new TV series (Shameless U.S.)

I am inspired to cook

I mentally plan my next overseas trip

My Pa’s book takes priority

Drinking wine or going out for coffee with friends always seems like a good idea

Instagram consumes most of my day

I try to convince myself I will commit to yoga at least twice a week

I have a sudden urge to start reading a book.

I am pretty sure all that this tells me is that I am a great procrastinator. How I have made it this far into my degree without failing is beyond me!

However, I only have to make it through one more!! … And then hopefully find some sort of adult job!

Here is a photo of my desk just because :)
Here is a photo of my desk just because :)


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