Add it to your bucket list!


Rather than doing a post about MY bucket list and where and what I want to do in my life time, I have decided to make a list of things I have already done, and what I think you should be adding to YOUR own bucket list>>>

In no particular order:

  • Celebrate New Years Eve’s in Times Square, New York
  • Snorkel through the Great Barrier Reef
  • Drink Pimms and lemonade at Wimbledon
  • Drink a stein of beer at Oktoberfest
  • Eat endless amounts of Pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain
  • Walk from the first town to the last in Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Visit a non-tourist town where they don’t speak your language
  • Ride Quad bikes around a Greek Island
  • Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Go on a wildlife safari in South Africa
  • Drink champagne under the Eiffel Tower
  • Bike ride around Paris
  • Bet money at the Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco
  • Wander through Rome in awe, Italy
  • Eat pizza in Napoli
  • Live overseas
  • Cruise on a boat through Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • Watch the Australian Open in Melbourne
  • Go on a trip without planning a thing
  • Visit a concentration camp
  • Drink green tea in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Watch a broadway musical in New York City
  • Climb Arthurs seat in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Go shark cage diving
  • Giant swing through the Swiss Alps
  • Ski in New Zealand

There are probably a few I have missed, and there are so many more things I want to do!

Is there anywhere or anything that you have done that you would recommend that I add to my bucket list??


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