December 1st.

December 1st is a great date. To me it means holidays, the beginning of Summer and of course Christmas time :)

Obviously, growing up, Santa was the most exciting part about Christmas. December would usually drag on forever as the (chocolate) count down began. Lists would be made to ensure he knew exactly what I wanted that year, and after a sighting of him in the sky one year, the most logical thing to do was to take a camera with me to bed from that year onwards! Christmas day was then all about the presents. Waiting upstairs until an “appropriate hour” when we were aloud to go downstairs to see if Santa had made it! Two kids frantically throwing their presents out of their Santa sacks, I imagine, that would be a lot to take in that early of the morning. As the big sister, I remember then helping my sister through her presents once she woke up…I am sure I was more annoying than helpful at the time!

Now as an adult I love having those memories of Christmas and I love how excited all the kids get. I hate, however, when I see decorations put up in September! I hate the shops at this time of year. I hate that there is people who don’t have family to see on Christmas. I hate that Christmas is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

But now, Christmas has become exciting in a different way. I love giving presents (especially if I know they will love it), the endless amounts of food, and the drinking with family. I love the lead up to christmas; drinks with friends, the decorations, the lights and the preparations for the day.

I don’t like to put my Christmas tree up a day before the 1st. This year my house hold has opted for a simple look- a small tree filled with lights and a star on top.

Here are some creative and pretty trees I found on Pinterest, and hopefully it will get you into the Christmas spirit >>>

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