Summer <3

Summer is here!… Well just about.

My favourite time of year:

Beach, Christmas, Uni holidays, daylight savings, late afternoon ciders, watermelon, mangoes, swimmers, shorts, thongs, tans, too-hot-to-touch steering wheel, BBQs, music, sunscreen, hot chips, hot sand, salty hair and afternoon naps.

Here are some of my Summer essentials that I pretty much use on a daily basis >>>

  • Swimmers:


I love buying new swimmers. I don’t do as it often as some people, because I can never justify spending the money when I have a perfectly good pair from last year. But this year I actually needed some + I found these swimmers on sale (bonus!). You can find them here.

  • Denim shorts:

I have had my denim shorts for a couple of years now, and they have been such a good buy. Mine are high waisted from One Teaspoon and as they are denim, which means I can wear them with just about anything. I think this will be my last Summer with them before I have to get a new pair. You can find a whole range of shorts on their website here.

  • Sandals:


Yes, thongs are obviously always an essential (especially for the beach). But when you are going for lunch or to the shops its good to dress up a little from thongs. Which is why my Witner sandals have already had so much wear out of them- I can just slip them on!

  • Sunglasses:


I still have my Les Specs from last year which were affordable ($40) and have been really great quality. This season I have also bought a pair of Quay sunglasses. I opted for a pair with the reflection mirror on them, and as much as I have loved seeing them on Instagram I am actually not entirely sold if I can pull them off!

  • A fan:

My room is basically a sauna during Summer, especially of a morning. I kept putting it off last year, but this year I will be definitely getting a fan. So far I think K-mart is a win with fans from $12!

What are some of your summer essentials?



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