Reclaim what?

I have recently written an article for a Uni assignment where I chose to talk about the controversial group, Reclaim Australia. It was a topic I found very interesting, and so I thought I would share it on my blog. Rather than bore you with the whole article, here is a bit of a summary >>>

Reclaim Australia seems to be speaking out in fear of the Islamic faith taking over Australia and it’s laws, not to actually reclaim anything back.

Reclaim Australia is afraid that terrorism will eventually reach our shores, and so they should be.

 However, should the whole Islamic religion be punished for the actions of the radicalised few? Is this not stereotyping? Racism?

 What about the Muslims escaping ISIS and searching for freedom? What about the Muslims in Australia who were born here and are just as much Australian as anyone else? What gives us the right to shun and turn our backs on an entire religion because of a few who have strayed and created their own disturbing interpretation of the faith?

 We are a society that is supposed to embrace multiculturalism.

 After all, the majority of Australians have ancestors who were once immigrants to this country.

 What right do we have to rid Australia from anyone with an Islamic faith and no one from any other religious faith? Unfortunately, there is always going to be bad people in the world, regardless of their nationality, gender, race or religion.

 On their website, Reclaim Australia identifies twenty-four goals they strive to reclaim. These goals include “equality at law “, “freedom from intimidation for being ‘Australian’ and “English as the primary language for schools and public events held in Australia”.

Are these not already a given in our society?

 Reclaim Australia began with “a trio of concerned mums and dads who interpreted the Martin Place Siege as an act of Islamic terrorism”.

 What if the Martin Place Siege was carried out by a Caucasian, Catholic male, would the nation still label him a terrorist? Or would he just be seen as a mentally ill person?

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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