Blog VS Reality: Today’s events

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social media platforms have one thing in common- they are more often then not showing the best and most polished version of a person’s life. We are not seeing the bigger picture, literally the rest of the picture is cropped out! People put on social media what they want you to see, and almost all of the time it is not the sad, terrible or boring bits. We should not be comparing our flaws and the behind-the-scene aspects of our lives with other people’s best traits and how they appear on stage.

So, with that said, yesterday I decided to take photos throughout my day, and for every photo I took I took a second photo. The first photo is a typical photo I would put on my Instagram or my blog and the second photo is a more accurate representation of my situation- and considering I’ve been sick it is not all that exciting! >>>


“Going for the healthy options today”IMG_4336


“The lighting was best in this room…”IMG_4338


“Admiring my freshly manicured nails…”IMG_4341


“…while in my PJs watching TV”IMG_4343


“Such a beautiful day…”IMG_4344


“…while putting the clothes on the line”IMG_4351


“Getting back to a little uni work”IMG_4339


“My real desk situation…”IMG_4340




“…walking into my doctors appointment”IMG_4356


“Quiet night in…”IMG_4357


“…with mum and dad watching X Factor”

One thought on “Blog VS Reality: Today’s events

  1. Lmao!!!!! I absolutely love this post! What a magnificent idea and I cannot agree more people tend to put a facade up on social networks lol rather than the real deal. Facade vs Reality lol thank you for sharing. I did enjoy it!

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