Outfit of the day!

With orders to rest on the lounge, the television and the Internet have become two of my best friends, and all this time on my laptop has only encouraged me to look at Facebook aimlessly and of course online shop!! (Uni work can wait until next week)

My go to shopping site is The Iconic– they have a great variety of items, some of the best brands, and you can usually find a decent sale!

Some other online shopping sites I usually find myself going to are ASOS, Market HQ and Fashion Bunker. I also find that Instagram is a great tool. Most people, especially all the fashion bloggers I follow, will tag where they got their outfits from in their post. Instagram has become a great marketing outlet, where brands and businesses are drawing in an audience they otherwise would never have reached.

Here are the items that were in my delivery this week>>>



IMG_4302 IMG_4303IMG_4311 IMG_4310IMG_4309 IMG_4306

Shoes: Wittner

Skirt: Bardot

Jacket: Wite

(Top: Topshop)

Where do you like to shop online?


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