5 essential things in my life right now!


So this week has involved a lot of laying on the lounge and doing a whole heap of not much. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do for Glandular fever except rest, and as I feel myself getting better, resting is going to become a lot harder to do. But for now I definitely feel that my body needs it and there have been 5 essential things that I have relied on to help me get through this past week>>>


…And TV in general. I may become addicted to multiple shows while I’m sick.

Green tea with honey

This has become my drink of choose while having a sore throat. It is soothing, good for you, and it’s a nice mix up from just water.

Vegemite on toast

After a couple of weeks of not being able to eat anything, and then slowly introducing puree foods into my diet, vegemite on toast became the best thing ever! Oh how I have taken solid foods for granted!

The Internet

My blog, Social media, Online shopping, Uni (preferably in that order)….Without the Internet I truly would have been cut off from the world!


Since I’ve been sick I have been staying at Mum and Dad’s, which has allowed me to do nothing but rest. Shout out to Mum for driving me (multiple times) to the hospital, getting my food, washing my clothes, and just looking after me in general.


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