What is inspiring you this week?

Over the last few weeks I have found myself in and out of hospital with the doctors sending me home a little unsure as to what was actually wrong with me. From what started as a little bit of swelling around my eyes turned in to an epic swollen face and a killer sore throat that left me struggling to breathe. It all sounds quite dramatic, but at the time it really was. I was running on no sleep, so my emotions were a little crazy, and the pain was excruciating! On my third visit to hospital I was emitted into ICU and diagnosed with Glandular fever and severe tonsillitis. And just to make things interesting I also had an abscess that had to be drained (it was even worse than it sounds!). Four nights in ICU was not a fun time. The nurses and doctors do an amazing job, but looking around at how sick some of the patients were it became a very depressing environment. Compared to everyone else I felt like a millions dollars, I could actually walk myself to the toilet! After leaving ICU things still didn’t seem right. I still hadn’t slept through the night and I felt no improvement, it had been two weeks! So after another doctors check up two days later I was reemitted into hospital with a second abscess. At last I could feel some improvement! The pain has finally settled and now all there is to do is to finish my antibiotics and rest for the next five weeks (I may go crazy).

During my short stint in hospital and experiencing that constant, never ending pain it made me think about the people who are actually in chronic pain all the time; all the people that have to spend weeks and months in hospital; the people that don’t have anyone to help them or the people who don’t hear from anyone- no visitors, no phone call, or even a text message; and the people who don’t even have access to a hospital or healthcare!

In hospital some of life’s smallest things become the most extraordinary things. For me it was my last day in hospital and I could actually breathe through my nose, for the guy opposite me it was having lunch with a visitor in the hospital cafe, and for the guy diagonally across from me it was a visit from his mum.

We all take our health for granted, and unfortunately, it isn’t until we lose it that we learn to appreciate it.

This week I am inspired by all those in hospital for long periods of time and by those currently suffering pain. Seven nights in hospital and three weeks of pain was just about all I could handle, it completely drains you of your soul and I truly admire all those people that continue to remain positive despite what they go through.

Who is inspiring you this week?


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