My top picks this week!

Over the last couple of years we have seen Newcastle flourish with endless coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Below are my top 5 places I have been loving this week. Although I am always trying to get to places I haven’t been too, I must admit this week I have been some what biased in my selection. The majority of these venues are within walking distance from my house (the perks of living in Newcastle East), and one of them may possibly be where I work! But regardless, I wouldn’t be mentioning them  if I did not think they were worthy >>>>

Parry St Garage

Parry St Garage has only recently opened in the last couple of weeks, and already I have been there for breakfast, lunch and a few drinks in the night. It is a massive, industrial open space, with it’s interior styling on point! Sporting a similar vibe to the Edwards Bar further up the street, Parry St represents a more sleek and modern atmosphere. They have a huge selection of beers, wine and cocktails, plus a delicious Italian inspired menu.

My recommendation: The mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza.

Moor Cafe

Located down the far end of the Hunter Street Mall, near Newcastle beach, Moor Cafe offers an amazing, locally sourced menu, full of delicious healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My recommendation: Since its opening, Moor cafe has become my go to place for my daily coffee!

East End Hub

Formally known as Elements, opposite the Novotel, East End Hub has quickly established an excellent reputation for its delicious, tasty and full of flavour food menu right throughout town.

My recommendation: The warm pumpkin salad, perfect for these cold Winter days.

The Burwood Inn

Ok, so yes, I do work here, but as someone who has tried everything on the menu I see myself as an expert in saying that the food here is absolutely delicious! Specialing in their steaks, The Burwood Inn also offers a flawless menu of shared plates, including one of my favourites the pulled-pork tacos, as well as a wide variety of larger main meals. It honestly provides a meal option to suit everyone, including anyone with dietary requirements including gluten free options.

My recommendation: At the moment I can’t go past the pork belly and ricotta gnocchi!

Please leave any suggestions on where I should try next (Newcastle or surrounding areas) in the comments below :)

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