What is inspiring you this week?

Inspiration: “An idea or action resulting from such a state”, “divine guidance or influence exerted directly on a human mind or soul”.

For me, to be inspired means to feel creative, and to get excited about the prospects of the near future. Inspiration can stem from multiple sources. From another human being, from a story, a place, an adventure, a collection of words, from fashion, from a piece of clothing, a movie, music, an event, an image, food, or from a visual movement. To be inspired means to put your inspiration into a positive aspect of your life. Being inspired by something or someone encourages and feeds your soul.

I like to find inspiration, or feel inspired; by everything I immerse myself into each day. Here are a few things that have stood out from this past week. Hopefully these can inspire you too>>>

  • This Couple:
Cover of Collective hub, captured by Murad Osmann

A couple travelling the world together and taking amazing photos in amazing dresses, who would not be inspired to quit their day job and do the exact same thing? AND, more recently they were featured in Collective Hub magazine with one of their Instagram pictures as the front cover!

  • Walks along this break wall:
Nobby's Break wall
Nobby’s Break wall

I try and make this walk a part of my daily routine, however, with the cold weather snap at the moment it has become increasingly hard to push myself out of the warmth of my bed. Nevertheless, I do love this walk when I get around to doing it. Something about the beach lifestyle, the open waters, and the energy of fellow walkers around you can bring fulfillment to your day. It’s a great way to take the time out of your day just for you. Plus, throw on an uplifting music beat on your iPhone and the walk is complete!

the-famous-tram11I don’t say it often but both my parents are two people that always continue to inspire me in my life. This week I am giving a shout out to my Dad who quit his job of more than 25 years. He has decided to be his own boss in a job that I am sure he is going to love. It is never too late to go after what you want it life!

  • Finally, these models and BFFs:


So I am a little obsessed at the moment with both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. I absolutely love their everyday street fashion; they are always so effortlessly stylish. Major fashion envy!

Please share anything that has inspired you in the last week in the comments below :)


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