Insider Guide: Vietnam


Travelling through Vietnam and Laos was definitely an incredible experience that I would recommend to everyone to visit at least once in their life. It is a culture totally different from our own, and place with so much colour and adventure, and a place where you can truly appreciate what you have. I really didn’t no much about Vietnam going into it, but I was lucky enough to know a few people that had previously been there, and they gave me some great recommendations on where to go and what to see. Below is a little summarised version of my 18 days in Sough East Asia. If you are looking at visiting this amazing part of the world soon, hopefully this might give you a bit of a starting point>>>

Ho Chi Minh

Where we stayed:

  • Blue Diamond Hotel

What we did: 

  • Cu Chi Tunnels  (booked through hotel)
  • Mekong River Tour (booked through hotel)
  • War Remnants Museum

How we got around:

  • Mailinh Taxi
  • Organised tour bus
  • Walking

Where we ate:

  • Bun Cha (found through Trip Advisor)
  • Barbecue Garden

Nha Trang

We flew into Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh, however, after a few unexpected turn of events we left that same day to Hoi-An by an overnight bus. We were told to ‘avoid roads where possible’, however at the time the bus was the easiest and most convenient option. Before the 8 hour bus ride we did manage to try Pho Bo for the first time in a street food style restaurant found down a side street off the beach – it was delicious!


Where we stayed:

  • River Suits Hotel

What we did:

  • Rode bikes to the beach
  • Cooking Class (organised through our hotel)
  • Hired scooters
  • Explored the night markets
  • Walked up Marble Mountain

Phang Nha

How we got there:

7 hour day train from Danang (just outside Hoi-An)

Where we stayed:

  • Phang Nha Lakehouse Resort

What we did:

  • Full day adventure tour- Paradise and Dark Caves (Organised through hotel).

Where we ate:

  • At the resort


How we got there:

  • Overnight bus

Where we stayed:

  • Essense Hotel

Where we ate:

  • Street Snack food (outside our hotel)
  • Red Bean Restaurant
  • Essence Hotel Restaurant
  • Cafe Giang (where we tried an egg coffee)

What we did:

  • Walked and caught taxis (Mailinh) around the city
  • Day tour to Halong Bay (this place was amazing, I think if I was to go back I would try to do an overnight cruise instead)

Luang Prabang (Laos)

How we got there:

  • Plane from Hanoi

Where we stayed:

  • Burasari Heritage Resort

What we did:

  • Rode bikes around the town (free hire with the hotel)
  • Rode Took took to the nearby waterfalls
  • massages and pedicures
  • Participated in a Buddhist Alms Giving (just be careful not to get scammed by some of the locals…we unfortunately did)
  • Watched the sunset on top of Phousi Hill

Finally a plane back to Hanoi before the long flight back to Sydney!


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