Winter Essentials

The cold season has hit, and I have already noticed 5 essential items I have been wearing over and over again. Unlike Summer, Winter, unfortunately, is a bit harder to avoid becoming an outfit repeater. The cold weather can often leave us forgetting about fashion, and instead grabbing our go to warm jacket each time. And with the need to wear a coat we can usually only afford the one, which everyone around us will soon get to known very well. But if you keep your essential items basic and of relatively good quality, you will be able stay warm and stylish this Winter. Plus, wearing basics allows you to layer and add any novelty items to any outfit.

Here are my 5 essentials this Winter >>>

1. Jeans

Jeans are always a great starting point to any outfit, as they pretty go with everything. I currently have three pairs; a black, a white pair, and a blue coloured pair. You can find them at Top shop, GlueStore & The Iconic.

2. A Scarf


Scarfs are obviously a great way to stay warm during Winter. I usually opt for the basic black, white or grey colours so I can wear it all the time.

3. Leather Jacket

Peppermayo Jacket

Everyone needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe. You can wear it casually during the day, or dress it up during the night.

4. A Knit

Photo on 17-06-15 at 11.12 AM

A knit seems to be a reoccurring Winter essential every year. They are a great way to stay warm, plus you can layer over or under them, which is useful when going from outdoors to indoors.

5. Boots


Whether it is flat boots for the day or boots with a heel for the night, you are always going to get lots of wear out of a pair of boots. This year the heels on my boots are some what in between, which has made it great to wear both for the day and for the night.

What are some of your Winter essentials?



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