Things to look forward to :)

Another semester is ALMOST done and dusted. Two whole months off!! (Getting an adult job next year could take some adjusting…but that’s not for a whole year away). Here are some things I am looking forward to doing (or trying to do) during the break>>>

1. Take a trip to South East Asia!

Yay! Super excited for this! Flights are already booked…now I just need to sort our where exactly we are going to go…and our visas….and money. Hmmm yer a bit to organise yet :)

2. Yoga.

I am pretty sure I say this every Uni break. But this time I am going to try really hard to include some yoga time into my week.

3. Continue (and hopefully finish) writing my Pa’s biography.

This has taken a little longer than I first anticipated, but I am getting there slowly, and hopefully I can have at least a solid draft finished before Uni goes back.

4. Seriously start applying for internships.

I have a few internships in mind that I would love to apply for. Once I get back from Vietnam it’s happening!

5. Spend more time on my blog.

For me, blogging has been a bit of a process of self teaching. I would love to be able to spend more time exploring different things I could do with it.

6. Step out of my comfort zone.

Yes, this sounds super cliche, but I honestly believe the best things in life happen when you step out of this zone. I am planning on doing more of it…not sure how yet…but I am going to work on it :)




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