‘I Dreamed a Dream…’


This weekend just gone I made a trip down to Sydney to watch the theatre production, Les Misérables. I am now starting to accumulate a decent amount of musicals I have seen so far, and I have to admit I think the most recent is the best one yet!

Watching the movie before hand was definitely a plus, as I think I might have gotten a bit confused on the storyline otherwise. Singing the entire way through might be a bit of a turn off for some, but really isn’t that what a musical is, right? And I assure you if you have any doubts you won’t by the end of it. The entire production was completely flawless and professional. Each scene, and all the stage props, flowed into one another with ease.

Having watched the movie, when each scene approached I was baffled with how they would actually perform the events on stage. But every time they succeeded, and I was completely blown away. I love the feeling you get when you watch a live performance, there isn’t anything like it. You feel part of the experience and not just an observer, you feel inspired and uplifted by the positive energy circulating the room. You are able to escape reality and completely immerse yourself into the creative space.

Here is a list of all the musicals I have scene so far, and in some what of an order I liked best>>>

Les Misérables

The Lion King


Sister Act


Mamma Mia

Phantom of The Opera



Legally Blonde

Dirty Dancing

Do you have any musical suggestions I should see next?


P.S. Thanks Nan for the ticket :)


2 thoughts on “‘I Dreamed a Dream…’

  1. Suggestions? Many! Just that they won’t get to Australia any time soon… At least there hasn’t been news. Your best bet is to catch bootlegs online lol. Anyway, I strongly recommend Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin (Yes I am a Disney fan as well). Cabaret is another one worth watching.

    As to Les Miz, yes it is one of the best musicals ever produced. Be sure to come to my blog to read more about musicals (though it has a slant towards Broadway instead of regional theatre). I am from Singapore by the way, and I appreciate that the productions from your country often come to mine for limited engagements! It gives us the opportunity to see these wonderful musicals without paying expensive tickets to fly to NYC or London.


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