DIY Wardrobe.

Storage is one thing that is lacking in my house, especially in my bedroom. I have a pretty small room with no wardrobe, so figuring out where to put all my stuff has been a bit of a challenge. When I first moved in I bought the first and cheapest clothes rack I could find, and while it has done the job just fine I can see it starting to tilt with the weight of my clothes (and believe me there isn’t that many of them). So I am now on a mission to find a new one, preferably one that looks just as good as it is functional. Even though I am willing to save up and spend a little more than I did on my current $50 rack from Big W, I have found that they are not as easy to find as I first thought. So while I am still on the look out, here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest >>>>

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Or you can get really creative >>>

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