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23 thoughts I’ve had at 23.

1. Thank God I’m only 23, I have heaps of time to figure out what I want to do.

2. OMG I’m 25 next year I’m practically 30!

3. Yep, next week, I will start to cook proper food for myself.

4. I am so broke.

5. *As I click Confirm payment* My bank account hates me, but those jeans are worth it.

6. Where should I Travel to next (and spend all my savings)?

7. I wonder what my future husband will be like?

8. OMG will I ever meet him?

9. *wakes up* I need coffee.

10. Wine is the best.

11. Ok, I’m at Uni, that’s a start.

12. What the hell am I going to do once I finish my degree.

13. I’ll buy that when I’m older and rich and I own my own house.

14. Another bill? I hate being an adult!

16. Sleeping is the best.

17. What cafe/bar have I not tried yet?

18. Where should I go for lunch today?

19. Avocado (when in doubt).

20. I have a night off! Who is free to go drinking?

21. What are the chances of running into someone today? Makeup/no makeup?

22. What TV series should I watch next?

23.I’m keen for a home cooked meal tonight – Thanks mum!


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