Film Review: Focus

So this week I had a go at writing my very first review. I was pretty excited when I found out this was a uni assignment because I’ve been wanting to include them in my blog for some time now. However, it turned out a lot harder than I first anticipated and I think a lot more practice in the future is required.

Anyway, here it is, let me know what you guys think.


Directors, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, have teamed up for this year’s romantic dark comedy, Focus, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The movie begins like most romantic comedies when boy meets girl and there is an instant attraction. Will Smith brings his natural calm and charismatic attributes to his character, Nicky Spurgeon. The film glamourises Nicky as a con artist, or as we know them in society a pick pocketer. Will Smith’s co-star, Margot Robbie, portrays a naïve, young and amateur con artist who falls in love with Nicky and his entire lifestyle.

 Once boy and girl meet, in a romantic lit restaurant of course, Robbie seduces Smith up to her hotel room. It is there that her husband barges in on them with a gun and demands to know what is going on. However, unknown to Robbie, Smith’s character is a highly experienced con artist and has figured out her motives for money from the beginning. This is where the movie ultimately begins with Robbie’s character, Jess Barrett, learning all the tricks of the trade as Nicky’s intern. A movie montage is inserted into the film and before we know it Barrett is ready for the more challenging assignments.

 Robbie’s American accent was almost on point, however, there were moments in the film where I was reminded of her character in The Wolf Wall Street and a Brooklyn accent crept through. Smith’s authoritive presence was perfect for this role, however, like Robbie I was reminded once again of characters from his previous films such as Men In Black. Overall Robbie and Smith’s chemistry on the screen took some convincing, but by the time the credits rolled I had come to agree that the directors had made the right casting choice.

 Focus has the audience feeling multiple emotions throughout the film. From heartbreak to suspense, and even on occasion out loud laughter, which ultimately keeps the audience interested for the duration of the film. There are also multiple twists throughout the film where we are left continuously questioning whether or not Smith’s character is telling us the truth. Although I love a good twist in a film, it became a bit of an over kill towards the end and its impact to shock or surprise us began to fade. During the film, an assignment comes to an end and the audience is moved to three years later where new characters are introduced and a new assignment takes place for Nicky, who becomes momentarily blindsided by his past.

Overall the cinematography, theme and plot of the film were all very well structured and thought out, which made it an easy watching film. Both lead actors portrayed likable characters, despite the illegal activities they were involved in. Although the film portrayed similar elements to other films of this genre, the story line held it’s own originality and creativity. This was evident through it’s use of comedy and it’s ability to leave the audience questioning what is true of the main characters, whilst remaining intrigued at the direction of the film. For a light-hearted movie which keeps you on your toes and second guessing each characters truths, Focus successfully represents a romantic dark comedy which will appeal to both men and women of all ages.


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