East End Community!

It really is the small things in life that often result in the biggest rewards!

Recently my house mates and I came home to this >>>


At first we were a little confused about how it got there and by who, but we soon discovered this super cute note >>>


And over the next few days we noticed that all the other surrounding houses had a similar plant out the front of their place too!

This has all happened after we received a note in the mail box inviting us to an afternoon of painting along the alleyway to help ‘brighten up our little community’ and to get to know our neighbours.

And the notes keep coming. Only this morning we received another letter inviting us to a street BBQ this coming weekend (who ever Jen is, she is all over this ‘community spirit’ vibe thing).

But I’m totally loving it <3

Growing up in a cul-de-sac street we always knew who our neighbours were. We would ride our bikes out the front, wave to our neighbours when we saw them, borrow eggs next door if we had ran out, and each year there would be the annual christmas street party. It was all very family friendly, with white picket fences kinda feel.

Now in my twenties and living in town I figured that kind of thing just didn’t happen. People are too busy worrying about themselves and their own lives to take any notice of those next door. But I think it is important to take some time to get to know those living closest to you, and to feel safe in your community.

One thing I noticed when I was in South Africa was how strong their sense of community was. They were so poor, their homes were made only of tin shacks with no electricity and often only one water tap for the whole village. Yet the kids I met seemed SO happy! Everyone knew each other, all the kids would be playing on the street together, occupying themselves with not much more then each others company. None of them were shy to approach us and talk to us, and they were so grateful for the smallest things. One morning leading up to christmas we visited a school to hand out donated hand made teddy bears. I was close to tears when I saw how genuinely grateful and excited these kids were to receive this gift, and it was most likely going to be their only present all christmas.

I think in the western world we have lost that strong feeling of being part of a community. Our lives have become too busy with our dependence weighing heavily on technology and social media. It is important every now and then to take some time to stop and appreciate the small things in life!




IMG_2576  IMG_2564  IMG_2573 IMG_2575






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