Pamper Day <3


My definition of a ‘pamper day’:

A day in which a girl dedicates just for her. A day when she can forget work, boys, dramas, money and responsibilities. A day when she can indulge a bit of time into herself. A day when all the important things of being woman can be ticked off the check list – hairdresser, beautician, etc.

Whether a pamper day happens once a fortnight, once a month or even once year, it is a day us girls need –  it is just part of who we are no matter where we come from in the world.

As a 23 year old Uni student living out of home, these kind of days don’t come around very often. They usually occur when times are getting a little desperate – 2inch long regrowth, ingrown hairs from having to shave instead of wax, balancing my makeup upside down trying to scrape every last drop out and disguising how badly my nails have become with a coat of nail polish. Yep, times are tough, and when that oh so needed pamper day comes along it is usually over by lunch when I see the bank account start to suffer – so the most important things need to be done first!

Thursday just gone was my pamper day. I hadn’t planned on it but when I received my tips from work I jumped at the opportunity.

Firstly, I made sure the hairdresser was booked LATE morning, I needed my beauty sleep. I love going to the hairdressers, for two whole hours you can just sit there while you read a magazine, enjoy a coffee and, my favourite part, the head massage when they wash your hair :)

Next stop was the beautician. My last round of the hair removal laser treatment, thank God, it is not the most pleasant thing to have done.

And then… bank account abruptly stopped me in my tracks! I had planned on a little retail therapy, some new cosmetics, and a trip to office works to get me ready for Uni next week. I even had a birthday present to buy. But unfortunately the next day my rent was due and it was only Thursday, I had the rest of the week to survive.

But it was all totally worth it! Until my next pamper day . . . maybe not for quite a few months!





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