5 Things to do in – New York City!


New York City has been one of my most favourite cities visited so far. Not at all overrated,  New York has definitely earned it’s name of ‘the city that never sleeps’. Day or night, New York City showcases a picturesque landscape of big buildings, bright lights and endless opportunities!

Here are my top 5 things I did when I was in New York >>>

1. Ride a bike through Central Park.

Central Park is massive, a lot bigger than I anticipated, with loads of different things to see throughout, so hiring a bike for a few hours seemed like the only logical choice!

2. Watch an iconic sport.

I don’t follow or watch any American sport, and when I found out baseball was the sport of choice to go and watch I wasn’t overly excited. But, surprisingly, watching the game live was awesome. If it is one thing that Americans excel at, it is entertainment. The whole atmosphere of the event was incredible, with heaps of different things going on between play.

3. Go on a food tour.

The walking food tour I went on in the West Village of Manhattan was AMAZING! The tour was prepaid, so it practically felt like free food!! Our guide took us around to some of the most iconic and well known spots in the area and showed us some amazing and delicious food places :)

4. Go to the top of the Rockefeller.

Having been to the top of both the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre, I would definitely recommend the Rockefeller. The Rockefeller has better views of Central Park, plus you get to actually include the Empire State Building into all of your pictures.

5. Explore some the unique bars in Brooklyn.

Most people only think of Manhattan when they think New York, but New York is in fact a lot bigger than just the island. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there long enough to explore everywhere (I guess I will just have to go back), but I did manage to see a bit of Brooklyn – and I loved it. Exploring Williamsburg was really cool, with endless boutique bars and quirky little cafes; an awesome vibe.


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