Packing For The Plane.

So today is the day! I am jet setting off to South Africa for the next four weeks. I am so excited, but like always I have left the packing right up until the last minute!

What does one pack for South Africa?

Well . . . I have no idea!

We will be volunteering whilst we are over there. . . ‘light construction’ has been our assigned job title. We will also embark on a safari, a hike, water rafting, budge jumping (if we are game), the whole adventure experience. So, at the moment my back pack is mostly consisting of the basic shirt and short comfy attire.

But lets focus on what I know – packing for the oh so long plane flight.

When I first went overseas my bag was jam packed with stuff, in fact I am pretty sure I had multiple bags, and lets be honest that’s just annoying to carry through the airport and unpack through security.

So, after a few trial and errors I think I have mastered the art of packing only for what I will need for a 14 hour plus flight.

  • Firstly a decent back pack – they become useful for day trips and it is always a bonus if they can attach to your bigger bag
  • Your Passport – actually this and your ticket should probably be your priority
  • A book to read – although I usually go straight for the movies it is good to break the trip up with a book
  • A neck pillow (I’m not sure of the proper name) – plane seats are always uncomfortable at the best of times, so a little support is always a good life choice
  • Your wallet – it is good to be prepared with a little bit of money in the destination’s currency
  • Makeup – to freshen up when you get off the plane
  • Deodorant/perfume – again, to freshen up during and after the flight (just be sure nothing is over 50ml or an aerosol can)
  • Pen and Paper – to scribble stuff, play games, there will always be a reason
  • Electronics – phone, camera, etc.
  • And finally a jumper – you always get cold on the plane!






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