These are few of my favourite things…

Here are a few things I am currently obsessing about…this week!

1. This drink:


Healthy, delicious and nutritious! Plus you get to keep the jar!

2. This walk:



There is a great walking path along the Newcastle beach coast line. I love walking from my place at Newcastle East to Merewether with my iPod blaring . . . A bit of Beyonce is always a great motivational song!

3. This Song:

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. Love this!

4. These Flowers:


Flowers are great- they are multifunctional. Not only do they bring life to a room, but they also smell great too :) … unless you buy baby’s breath – they just look good!

5. These shoes:


I love these shoes and for first time I finally decided to wear them out last night! And although i still love them, unfortunately they will have to just look pretty in my wardrobe from now on because I don’t think I could put my feet through that again! #painisbeauty #jokescomfywinseverytime


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