Inside Uni tips!

I am about to commence my final week of Uni for the year (I still have one more year to go), and the final week is always a mad rush to the finish line. I am fortunate enough not to have any exams in my degree, but the last week always remains a frantic struggle, trying to get all of my assignments submitted before 11:59pm on the Friday night. And every semester I tell myself the same thing….if only I was more organised at the beginning. But despite my last minute cramming, I have managed to learn a thing or two during my time as a Uni student >>>

1. Post-its become your best friend.

2. Sitting in the library opposed to sitting at home is a great life choice.

3. Facebook will become your worst enemy when trying to complete an assignment . . . you will question deleting it on numerous occasions . . . I suggest you do!

4. Opening up a word document and writing the essay question will make you feel super organised and productive. However, there comes a point when you have to be honest with yourself . . . you haven’t actually done anything at all yet!

5. When in doubt Wikipedia is always the answer.

6. More often than not you will leave the Uni in complete frustration, having missed your lecture because you failed to find a park . . . you will then question why you bought a parking permit for the entire year.

7. If you didn’t prior to Uni, I guarentee it won’t take long before you are a fully pledged coffee drinker.

8. No-one at Uni actually knows what they want to do once their degree is completed . . . so don’t worry if you don’t either.

9. When it comes to the end of semester you will wish you had taken the lecturer’s advice and pre read all of your assignments at the beginning of the semester. Who would have known that each weeks tutorial would have offered helpful advice on your end of year major essay??

10. Constantly reminding yourself that Uni students have the best holidays at the end of the year will become the best motivation for you to get you through your study . . . in fact it will probablly make you wish you could stay a student forever!

Happy Studying :)


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