16 Fun Facts :)

16 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I love to travel.

2. Up until the age of 21 I didn’t drink wine or coffee . . . now I can’t imagine my life without either of them.

3. I have an agent.
That sounds more impressive than it actually is, trust me. Although, for the first time recently I was actually visible in a TV scene . . . it was a big moment in my life.

4. If I could be anything it would be to become a famous actress.

5. If I could be anyone it would be Beyonce . . . doesn’t everyone want to be Beyonce?

6. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers . . . in fact I try and do it weekly.

7. I love watching Friends. Continuously. On repeat.

8. My favourite food is pizza.

9. When I say ‘I love going to the beach’, what I actually mean is ‘I love going to the baths where there is no sand that will go on everything and no scary waves’.

10. I am currently writing a book . . . well a biography, to be more specific, on my Pa’s life.

11. I love having my nails painted. . . I just wish I had someone to maintain them daily, I get too lazy.

12. When watching a TV series the line between the show and reality becomes a bit blurred . . . come on, surely this happens to you all?

13. My general knowledge of music is terrible.

14. If I could describe myself in one word it would be indecisive . . . actually no . . . I don’t know.

15. People claim to get motion sickness when I drive.

16. I am a massive procrastinator. Right now I should be doing my Uni work but instead I am writing this.

I have also known for a long time that I will never have a career as a model. 


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