These are a few of my favourite things . . .

Here are a few things I am currently obsessing about . . . this week!

1. This day bed:

If I am not at the beach this summer this is where you will find! It is a great spot to just chill out and watch the world go by :)

 2. These doughnuts:

If you haven’t tried a Doughhead doughnut yet I suggest you get straight on to that. These doughnuts, with a twist, are so delicious and the different flavours are constantly changing and evolving. . . Yum!!

3. These flowers

This week my housemates and I made a trip to Bunnings and bought some flowers for our balcony. Anything to bring some life and brighten a place up I absolutely love!

4.This dress:

The Iconic
Nothing beats a black maxi dress. I honestly wear it until it is completely worn out (like my last one). It is great to wear around the house, throw it on over your swimmers, or dress it up for a lunch outing.

5. This song:

Ever since I heard this song at the VMAs I have been obsessed. I can’t help singing and dancing along to it everytime it comes on the radio- a great catchy beat. 


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