5 Things To Do In – Paris.

Galeries Lafayette- rooftop view.

Paris is one of my favourite Cities. I have travelled there twice now, and although I loved it the first time, I loved it even more the second time!

The second time I was less concerned about ticking off a mental check list of all the must-go-to tourist attractions, and more focused on just relaxing and taking in the beautiful city.

So, although climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting The Louvre, or watching a show at the Moulin Rouge was great, that is only the surface of what Paris has to offer.

1. Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower:

Buy a stick of the famous French baguette, add some salami, cheese and bottle of bubbly and find yourself a spot next the Eiffel Tower for the most perfect afternoon!

2. Walk up to the top of Galeries Lafayette:

A hidden gem in Paris, The Galeries Lafayette’s is one of the most spectacular shopping centres I have ever been to. With a huge dome on the top of the 8 level building, there is a shopping stall to cater for everyone. Plus, if you take the escalator to the top you will find yourself walking out onto a roof top cafe with breathtaking views of the city. A great spot to chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the city down below.

3. Ride a bike:

There are bike stations situated all over Paris, so you can ride around endlessly without the worry of trying to find the exact same location to put it back. This is a great way to maneuver through the city and see the sights without being restricted to a set public transport route.

4. Venture away from the main tourist spots and find a cafe:

Some of my most memorable moments whilst traveling was often the times when we had no idea what we were doing. And in challenging situations, I find, you learn the most. Paris is such an iconic tourist destination that the majority of the people can speak English to some extent, and unfortunately we take this granted. However, if you venture away from the tourist crowds you are bound to find endless cafes and restaurants where the locals like to go. This is a great opportunity to test your grade 8 French class skills and, without being actually able to read French menu, the wait in anticipation to find out what you actually ordered can be surprisingly fun.

5. Visit Versailles:

Only a short train ride to the out skirts of Paris, Versailles is a peaceful and historic palace open to the public. The grounds are absolutely stunning and it is a great day trip to to venture away from the city centre.


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