Coffee Epidemic!

The last 12 months have seen Newcastle cafes and coffee shops flourish, and the quirkier the better! Every street corner, every side street,  main road and back street, you are bound to find a cafe. It has become an epidemic and the people of Newcastle are eating (or drinking) it right up. The older the building, the better! The more mismatched the furniture, the better! Live music, even better!
Here is my pick of my favourite Newcastle Cafe shops around town:

Cafe Llewellyn 
Cafe Llewellyn has opened up in a prime position in Merewether, away from most of the competition. Hidden within the quiet suburb, Cafe Llewellyn offers an open space for locals to meet and grab their morning coffee. 
Where: 34 Llewellyn Street, Merewether

Dark Horse Espresso
Dark Horse Espresso is quite literally hidden away in the side streets of the up and coming suburb of Wickham. While only setting up in a small space the Dark Horse pride themselves on their top quality coffee and talented baristas. 
Where: 24 Greenway Street, Wickham

The Good Brothers 
The Good Brothers Espresso Shop portrays a rustic and industrial vibe, whilst acting as a hub for business coffee lovers working in the city centre of Newcastle. 
Where: 40 King Street, Newcastle

Newcastle is renowned for some of the most amazing beaches in the world. What better way to take full advantage of our location then to enjoy a coffee with prime views of Newcastle Beach. 
Where: 101/61 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle Beach

Bank Corner Cafe
Although only small, The Bank Corner Cafe can transport you any where in the world (a French cafe perhaps?), with amazing coffee and a friendly, warm atmosphere. 
Where: 2 Bellevue Street, Newcastle West

One Penny Black
The last few years have seen the Hunter Street Mall thrive, with one of my favourite places, One Penny Black, right in the thick of it. Wether you choose to sit down or grab a takeaway, the surroundings of the mall showcase the true community feel of Newcastle.
 Where:196 Hunter Street, Newcastle

The Locale
Not only in the city, boutique coffee shops and cafes are spreading far and wide across Newcastle. The Locale Cafe is a great community hub in the centre of New Lambton which never fails to be empty. 
Where: 28 Alma Road, New Lambton

To check out more posts I’ve written about Newcastle or to keep up to date with all the latest events and gigs around town check out!


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