5 Things to do in- San Sebastian.

San Sebastian was one of my favourite places when I was travelling Europe. Besides my accommodation, which turned out to be more of a communal pot house rather than a hostel, San Sebastian was amazing.

Set on the coast in the Basque area of Spain, San Sebastian portrays a laid back beach lifestyle enriched with amazing culture and a vibrant night life.

Often when you are playing tourist you can easily get caught up moving from a landmark, to a walking tour, to another landmark and finish the holiday feeling like you need a holiday. San Sebastian offers a great time out to relax and take in some of the unique Basque culture.

For anyone traveling through San Sebastian for the first time, here are my 5 top things to do whilst your there:

1. Relax on the beach.
The two main bays in San Sebastian are absolutely breathing taking. Apart from the crowds, it is one of the few beaches in Europe without the uncomfortable pebbles. A perfect way to unwind!

2. Bar hop through the Old Town.
There is an endless maze of bars  displaying a wide variety of mouthing watering Pintos (tapas).

3. Go for a walk.
The scenery in San Sebastian is amazing, so wether it is a leisurely walk through the small city or fast-paced exercise walk, the town offers both!

4. Have a drink ; )
Three drinks I have to recommend whilst you are in San Sebastian are Sangria (of course), cider, and kalimotxo (red wine and coke).

5. Have a picnic.
Like anywhere in Europe (especially if you are on a budget), one of the best things I like to do is to buy my own food and find a random spot in the city to eat it :)

Favourite place to eat in Old Town!


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