A little inspiration for your day :)

Ios, Greece.

Working in a secure 9-5 job seems inevitable to most. The idea of becoming a famous celebrity actress is so far from reality it is more often than not laughable. Travelling the world. . . for a living? Yeah, right, good luck with that! Becoming a musician? Starting your own fashion line? Aspiring to win the Archibald prize? Yeah Yeah ok!

Although there are actually people out there who have achieved one of these careers, the tip of the pyramid is pretty damn small, and do you know any of these people? Probably not. They are almost made up when compared to reality. 
At 23 I am still very unsure of what I want to do with myself once Uni is over. But I do know I am going to have to love what I ever it is I do! I love hearing true stories of people who are doing exactly that- loving what they do. I find it really inspiring and it encourages me to believe that if I am motivated and determined enough I will be soon too be doing something I love. . . no matter how ridiculous the idea may seem :)
Check Out this link for a little inspiration >>>

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