Is it all just an illusion?

The Internet has become a great and essential tool, especially over the last 10years.
We are able to communicate with our friends and family from any where in the world, share photos amongst each other and explore and discover things we otherwise might not have. And let’s not forget the genius of online shopping ;)
I admit I spend a lot of time on my laptop and on social media, and studying the internet and the media is kind of a given these days in a Communications degree.
However, when it comes to social media how much of the lives that we portray to everyone is actually our reality? Can we really know a person based solely on their Instagram?
I know a lot of people may ‘slightly’ exaggerate their photos or statuses (I admit I am guilty of this),
whether that be adding a filter or positioning the camera a specific way to highlight or eliminate certain surrounding elements.
But when someone is bluntly lying how do you know? And why do they do it?
Is the trend to have a picture perfect life, limiting people to just that, a life only worth living in the made up world of social media?
 Here is a video clip I came across recently and found it really interesting-

As a waitress I find myself noticing this a lot. Couples or groups of people sitting there but not actually talking. Instead they are ‘checking in’ on Facebook or Instagramming their meal.

I am not dissing Social Media because I really do think it has become a great tool… but we seriously need to start ensuring that it is our life dictating our social media and not the other way round.


P.s. Also check out this link- Look up

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