Uni Break!

The Uni break is usually a time that can not come quick enough.

Six whole weeks of blissful nothingness :)

At a time when you are knee deep with assignments and exams, you really can’t imagine anything better!
However, for me I usually get two days into the holidays and find myself wondering around the house bored, looking for something exciting to do … but what?
With Africa at the end of the year and trying to find a place to move into, money and travel is not really an option for me at the moment. But nonetheless, I have found a way to fill my time… in fact it has become quite jam packed…not that I’m complaining I’m actually pretty excited.

Firstly, a few weeks ago I applied for a marketing and advertising internship and was successful! I really think the most productive way to spend your uni break … if your serious about finding a job at the end of your degree … is to look into doing some work experience. I am definitely someone that learns a lot more when I am actually doing it rather than listening to a lecture. Plus it gives you a great insight into the industry and helps you figure out what it is you actually want to do with your life… especially in a communications degree because it can be so broad! And having it on your resume never goes astray.

Secondly, I will be working. I know that sounds pretty boring but if you can’t go anywhere you may as well save as much money as you can for when you can.

Thirdly, possibly my favourite place ever is Nelson Bay. I spent a lot of time there growing up and it is only an hour away, so I am planning on making a trip up there for a few days.

Fourthly (I am sure thats a word), day trips are the best. I live about two hours out of Sydney so thats always the obvious place to go. My friend and I went down there on my Monday. It was a great excuse for a mini road trip, to enjoy a nice lunch and of course fit in a bit of shopping :)

Next, there is no such thing as too many coffee/lunch dates!

And finally, yoga! I love yoga but I have had to give it a miss recently because of Uni and it was becoming a bit expensive. But these holidays I am looking forward to getting back into it. I was doing hot yoga which I loved and it was such a great workout. But keeping in mind costs, I think I might just stick to a regular yoga class this time round.


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