My wish list < 3

With my birthday coming up next month I felt it appropriate to post some items off my wish list. ‘Some’ being the key word because my wish is never ending and forever expanding… (sigh) if only I was rich or could win the lottery… that would be nice! ;)

OK so first- a watch.
Ever since my batteries died on my old watch I have been too lazy to fix it or buy a new one… and that was three years ago! A new one is definitely in order…and I think urbanoutfitters is a clear favourite:

Zodiac Dial watch

On the map leather watch

Nixon the time teller rose gold watch.

Secondly- a jacket.
I know we are already one month into winter but I am still in need of a new winter jacket.

Cara Biker coat, The iconic

3. A study desk.
I think a new study desk would give me just enough motivation to get me through my uni studies….or maybe just allow me to procrastinate more on my blog :/

Pinterest is never short of ideas…

4. Nail Polish.
You can never have too many nail polishes.

Brazil collection, OPI

AND finally a A blender.
I make smoothies quiet regularly, but I will be moving out of my parents place soon so I am on the look out for my own.

This one is pretty much the best of the best…

Vitamix Professional series 750 blender

 … but for half the price this one is looking pretty good also.

Oster BLSTVB-000-000 versa powerful performance blender


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