Travel lessons.

Looking back on my travels over the two years, there are a lot of things I would do differently in the future. I have learnt a lot from travelling:
1. To pack light- there is no need to have five different pairs of high heels shoes when backpacking;
2. Spend the money wisely- spending half your savings in the first month of a two-year trip because ‘this is what I have been saving for’ is not such a wise choice; 
3. To take the time to research where you are staying and how you will be getting there- jumping on a ferry with the preconceived idea that it is a four-hour ride, only to realise that it is actually fourteen hours is not a fun time for anybody.
4. Try to avoid the phrase ‘i’ll think about it’ or ‘I might come back’, because chances are you won’t! 
5. And finally, learn to accept that nothing will ever go to plan. Sometimes it is those moments that create the best memories. 
Given the chance to go back and redo some of my adventures I wouldn’t change a thing, because that is exactly what they were an adventure!

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