The travelling bug.

I have been lucky enough to do a bit of travelling in my short 22years. After one year of university my two best friends and I headed to London, and with only two weeks accommodation pre booked ‘the world was our oyster’! The plan was to stay a year and then come home and finish my degree. But such is life and nothing ever goes to plan. I spent just under two years overseas, only to then come home and start a completely different degree.
Travelling through Europe and working in the UK was an incredible experience, and an absolute must for anyone at any age. It sounds cliché but travelling really does open up your awareness of the bigger world, as you learn and respect so many different cultures to that of your own.
When I tell people I have been travelling overseas the first thing they ask is ‘which place did you like the best?’. But that is almost an impossible question. Each place is so different and individual, sporting its own unique characteristics.
I loved the atmosphere in the pubs in Galway (Ireland); the busy streets and endless possibilities in New York City (USA); the relaxed and laidback lifestyle in Santorini (Greece), the cafes in Paris (France); the amazing food in San Sebastian (Spain) and; the history in Rome (Italy). Honestly this list could go on forever.
Here a few photos I took to show just how amazing these places are:

Edinburgh Scotland

Venice Italy

New York City USA

Marrakesh Morocco 

London England

Santorini Greece

Rome Italy

San Sebastian Spain

Paris France

It has been about a year and a half since I have been home and I think that is long enough ;)
Next stop- South Africa. 
I will be travelling there with my cousin for a month in December to volunteer and travel…can’t wait!!

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