"Baby, I’ve got you on my mind…"

Food! Food is always on my mind. I will be eating one meal and already thinking about the next.

Let’s be honest, what is better or more satisfying than eating an amazingly delicious meal?

I could never ‘clean eat’, in fact anything full of fat and deep fried is usually on the top of my cravings list…but regret soon follows and all I am left with is a bloated stomach!

So, eating (some what) healthy food, that taste amazing is the next best thing… in fact I’ve decided it is even better.

And the options in and around Newcastle (my home city) do not disappoint.
From a gourmet sandwich for lunch to Spanish Tapas for dinner- its hard not to eat out. (I might just have to try a few of these dishes for myself at home).

Here are a couple of my favourite meals I have had recently:

Soul Foods– Organic fruit toast with ricotta and rhubarb
– Poached eggs on toast


The Home Interior(Nelson Bay)-  Garlic and Prosciutto Bruschetta with roasted vegetables
5 Sawyers– Cheese Board with mulled wine


Ground Floor– Acai Bowl and an English Breakfast tea


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